Frequent Questions

What's the Age Requirement?

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ALL Skydivers must be 18, (of legal age to sign your OWN release in the United States.)   No Exceptions.

Skydivers over 65 *should* consult a doctor unless you are still quite "Spry!"

What are the Weight Limits?


We will NOT accept appointments for persons over 230 lbs.   However, you may "walk in" and allow us to look you over and decide whether it's safe to jump with you.   

Many factors, including wind, parachute size, physical condition, "girth" of the person, weight of available instructors, feeling of the instructor, etc etc contribute to our decisions on how heavy to consider.

What if the Parachute Fails?


You & Your Instructor will be wearing TWO parachutes:  a primary (main) and a Reserve.   The reserve is inspected and recertified for use every 6 months by an FAA Licensed Technician.

Do we go up with our friends?


Yes.  Generally, depending on how many instructors are available, we take 2 CUSTOMERS/ First Time Jumpers on each flight.

Is there Extra Cost for Video?


A professionally edited video with music and special effects is $75.00.   A set of 50-100 "still" pictures may be added for another $25.

What if the Weather is Bad?


If the weather prevents skydiving, you will NOT be charged!   We don't do "rain checks"--- we simply let you keep your money!!    

However, just because it's raining where you live, DON'T ASSUME it's also raining on Mustang Island!   Just call us before you leave home for our opinion on the day's weather: